Day 2 of International Students meeting in Utrecht

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During the second day of International Students meeting in Utrecht had the first part of workshop Reflection Session & inter-group collaboration during which they had a chance to meet students from other project partners working on the same assignments.  In the afternoon student learned about how to create an International Entrepreneurship Mindset in the workshop by Patricia [...]

TUAS at FINCODA final seminar

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The INTENSE project utilizes a novel knowledge from the FINCODA (Framework For Innovation Competencies Development And Assessment) project. FINCODA brought together universities and companies from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK to cooperate on addressing the need to enhance innovation competencies and measure individuals' capacity for innovation. At the heart of the project [...]

International Student Meeting – Utrecht 2017

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Project Intense student teams will meet and exchange their experience in pilot-run from November 27 until December 1, 2017, at Hogeschool Utrecht. During this time students will present their ongoing project and will attend different workshops organized by project partners. International Student Meeting agenda can be found here.

Project Intense in new issue of the Journal of Excellence in Sales

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In the new issue of Journal of Excellence in Sales (pp 19-21) there is an information and presentation of Project intense together with interviews with Sirpa Hanti, Helena Rantanen, Christina Saulich and Willem Klijnstra. The article gives an introduction to the project and also give information on students involvement and how the project can help SME [...]

EFOS team at meeting of High School teachers of Entrepreneurship

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EFOS team member Anamarija Delić presented project Intense, its status and projected outcomes at annual meeting of High School teachers of Entrepreneurship which was held in Osijek on November 11, 2017.

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