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Project Intense gathers teams of students, SMEs and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) from different EU countries with the aim of helping SMEs with the internationalization of their businesses and raising awareness of internationalization importance.

Project activities are focused on the development and implementation of courses specializing on the internationalization of SMEs through cooperation between SMEs and HEIs.

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SME’S Testemonials

„The students‘ advice was so professional and targeted that we would like to participate every year.” (Frederik Henn, soulproducts)

“The international students have worked on our topic in depth and gathered relevant ideas and information. The results were not ‘off the peg’ but very specific and this is where I see the value of the project. INTENSE is worthwhile for all participants and it’s fun!” (Franziska Berge, index Agentur)

“In the presentation of the INTENSE project, I found a lot of interesting information and tips which will surely help me in the internationalization of my business. Thanks, everyone” (Damir Kolarić, CEO Ortostep)

"Participation to INTENSE project was very interesting time period and it gave a lot of new things to our company" (Jyri Lehtiö, Haloila)
"The main targets of the project were fulfilled and participation to INTENSE project is useful for companies and students." (Samuli
Suutari, Amomatic)

“The Intense project was ideal for opening new Intense project was ideal for opening new markets, which were unknown, due to the big language barrier. The Intense project was very straightforward, and I hope we can do it another run, for another country. ” (Marko Carević, CEO Shovel)

Students did research, analysed competition, did a consumer survey and came up with names of potential distributors and sales agents (Erdal ZEBUN – AYVI)

Students did research, contacted distributors, retailers and they themselves suggested whether they could go to potential customers with samples. (Ward Strauwen – Tripel V – Belgium Beer brewer)

Call for participation for SME’s

Would you like to internationalise your business?

The INTENSE project is looking for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Croatia and the Netherlands that would like to (further) internationalise. INTENSE supports the internationalisation of SMEs, universities, and students through student consultancy projects.

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Policy recommendation catalogue

August 30th, 2019|0 Comments

Project Intense team has prepared and published the Policy recommendation catalogue which is a result of previous project activities. Policy recommendation catalogue can be accessed here.

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The OBJECTIVE of “INTENSE – INTernational ENntrepreneurship Skills Europe” is to develop and implement a teaching module focusing on the collaboration and innovative practices between Higher Education Institutes (HEI) and European Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME), in order to stimulate entrepreneurial behavior and internationalization of students, HEI staff and SMEs. This leads to increasing employability of HEI students and HEI university staff.

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