Presentation of project Intense teaching materials and innovation competences

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During 8th International Scientific Conference "Economy of Eastern Croatia - Vision and Growth" results of project Intense were presented. Prof. Oberman Peterka presented project Intense teaching materials and innovation competences. Short video from the presentation can be seen here.  

Presentation of Intense policy reccomendation at CEPOR

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Project Intense Policy recommendations were presented at the roundtable "How to increase the international orientation of Croatian companies"  which was organized by Cepor and Faculty of Economics in Osijek. The presentation can be seen in a short video available here (in Croatian).

Presentation of teaching materials and innovation competencies

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From May 16 to May 18 #projectintense was presented during IMR Conference which is organised by Ekonomski fakultet u Osijeku in Opatija. During the conference, we have presented teaching materials and innovation competencies. After the presentation, we had an Q&A session during which we have answered to questions about project results.

Review of the National multiplier event in student newspaper

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A review on Croatian National multiplier event has been published in student newspaper - Sveučilišni glasnik (only in Croatia). The article gives short information about the project, companies which took part and project results. The article can be accessed here.

Multiplier event & project meeting at UCLL

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From March 26 to March 27, a team from UCLL organized a multiplier event and project meeting as part of the dissemination activities. During the event results of Full run were presented together with preliminary results of all other projects IOs. During the two days, there were several interesting presentations and lectures which were part [...]

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