Multiplier event & project meeting at UCLL

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From March 26 to March 27, a team from UCLL organized a multiplier event and project meeting as part of the dissemination activities. During the event results of Full run were presented together with preliminary results of all other projects IOs. During the two days, there were several interesting presentations and lectures which were part [...]

International student week in Berlin – November 2018 – how it was

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Video from International student week in Berlin (November 2018) is online and can be watched on our project Intense YouTube channel. Watch and see how synergy between students is helping the internationalization of SMEs and how student increase and share their knowledge.  

The National Multiplier event in Utrecht at the HU

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Dissemination Event INTENSE project Netherlands –January 2019   The National Multiplier event in Utrecht at the HU in Heidelberglaan 15 was a great success. A hundred visitors attended the Entrepreneurship café. The program started with the student teams who pitched the advice to the companies on how to enter international markets. There were 5 teams [...]

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