Long-term Staff Exchange: HTW Berlin -> HU Utrecht

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The INTENSE project coordinator of HTW Berlin, Christina Saulich, will spend two months at HU Utrecht to revise and further develop the intense teaching material together with Menno de Lind van Wijngaarden and Willem Klijnstra of HU Utrecht. The long-term staff exchange also serves to jointly plan the cooperation between students and SMEs and further [...]

1st online meeting – May 31, 2017

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On May 31, 2017 1st online meeting of project Intense was held. Representatives from project partners were present. They discussed about activities on preparing the teaching program for pilot run and preliminary program for upcoming staff training to be held in August 2017 in Turku. Project partners agreed upon quality assurance activities which are run [...]

Symposium of the HTW Business School, 21 April 2017

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The INTENSE team at HTW Berlin presented the INTENSE project at the annual symposium of the HTW Business School in April 2017. The symposium served as a platform for exchange for teaching and administrative staff and was an ideal opportunity to raise awareness for the INTENSE project within HTW Business School and to establish collaborations [...]

Croatian National Steering Committee

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On team project meeting held on April 28, 2017 Croatian national steering committee was founded and its members are: Dinko Romer - students representative; Sunčica Oberman Peterka - EFOS professor, HEI representative; Tomislav Barbarić -  Center for Entrepreneurship, SME's representative; Jasenka Crnković - Erste&Steiermarkische Bank - Erste Bank Croatia.

Kick-off meeting

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On November 2-3, 2016 the kick-off meeting for the Erasmus+ project - Intense - INTernational ENntrepreneurship Skills Europe was held at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. During the meeting the project leader provided a review of the project proposal and each partner presented their project work and support packages. The project partners discussed the [...]

Start of Erasmus+ project – Intense – INTernational ENntrepreneurship Skills Europe

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On September 1, 2016 the Erasmus+ project - Intense - INTernational ENntrepreneurship Skills Europe has started. The project will last for three years and has a budget of 405.991,00 EUR. The leader of the project is Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, Germany and project partners are University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands, University of [...]

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