Long-term Staff Exchange: HTW Berlin -> HU Utrecht

The INTENSE project coordinator of HTW Berlin, Christina Saulich, will 
spend two months at HU Utrecht to revise and further develop the intense 
teaching material together with Menno de Lind van Wijngaarden and Willem 
Klijnstra of HU Utrecht. The long-term staff exchange also serves to 
jointly plan the cooperation between students and SMEs and further 
project activities. During her stay, Christina is participating in 
student presentations with firms, poster sessions, and further 
teaching-related activities to gain insights into entrepreneurial 
teaching at HU Utrecht. As part of the long-term staff exchange HTW 
Berlin's e-learning expert, Marcel Dux, will come to Utrecht to offer a 
workshop on online collaboration and online-based group work to the 
staff of the International Business and Management Studies programme at 
HU Utrecht.

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