The INTENSE project had a fun and exciting experience in 2018:

  • We recruited more than 25 companies for the full run and successfully implemented a student meeting with 60 students and 15 lecturers in Berlin.
  • We were able to recruit two new team members, Annette and Véronique, and a university (CEU Madrid) that wants to join our network. We look forward to cooperating with CEU Madrid and with further universities in the summer term.
  • We implemented 5 online and offline project meetings, produced several publications related to the INTENSE project, participated in a range of conferences to promote our project and published numerous posts on our social media channels.
  • The SME toolkit/Entrepedia is about to be printed and will go online by mid-January.
  • We completed a comprehensive evaluation of the pilot run which helped us to improve the full run and to ‘pass’ the second interim report.
  • We completed the second round of revision of our teaching material and have produced a range of teaching case studies.