The second multiplier event of the INTENSE – INTernational Entrepreneurship Skills Europe project took place at the Business Location Centre Berlin on the 12th of July, a summer afternoon in Berlin. The multiplier event was directed to students of Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin, HTW teaching staff, SMEs, and external partners of the INTENSE project. During the multiplier event, students presented the findings of their consultancy projects. Throughout the summer term, two student teams from the HTW Berlin have worked together with two Berlin-based companies with the aim to support the companies’ internationalisation processes. INTENSE would like to thank Berlin Partner for hosting the multiplier event.


1st company collaboration with WITT GmbH

About the company: Witt GmbH is a Berlin located SME with 16 employees, offering solutions for measurement and technology in rough/disturbed environments as well as engineering services. The students’ task was to conduct in-depth research on the railway sector in Europe and to identify the two target markets with the highest potential for the company.

Students consulting outcome: Students created a comprehensive matrix with detailed information on the railway systems, investments programmes, entry barriers, and competitors in over 20 EU countries. The student team developed a ranking method in order to systematically compare European countries and their potential for the company. The students found out, that the top 2 countries for Witt to expand are Sweden and the United Kingdom.


2nd company collaboration: Zertificon

About the company: The 60 employees company with reference clients like Aldi provides more than 20% of the top 100 German countries with Z1 secure business communication solutions. Nowadays, it is essential to encrypt e-mails and in the interest of every company. Zertificon has established first contacts in the Brazilian market and is interested in entering the Brazilian market in the future. The students’ task was to conduct in-depth market research and analysis, to collect information on the cybercrime landscape in Brazil, Brazilian privacy law, and implications of the new GDPR rulings, and to provide an overview of potential partners, customers and additional institutions.

 Students consulting outcome: Students highlighted that Brazil has one of the world’s poorest cybersecurity records. The team provided a detailed overview of the current legal framework on cybersecurity in Brazil and presented a number of institutions and associations that Zertificon can work with when expanding into the Brazilian market.

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