The INTENSE project utilizes a novel knowledge from the FINCODA (Framework For
Innovation Competencies Development And Assessment) project. FINCODA brought
together universities and companies from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain
and the UK to cooperate on addressing the need to enhance innovation competencies
and measure individuals' capacity for innovation.  At the heart of the project was
the creation of the FINCODA Innovation Barometer Assessment Tool.
The assessment tool and other concrete outputs for assessing innovation competences
were presented in the project’s final seminar in the part of the CARPE Conference
“Let’s talk about impact – Fostering collaboration in research, innovation and
education”, in Hamburg 17 November 2017.
Although the FINCODA project finishes at the end of this year, the application of
the FINCODA Innovation Barometer Assessment Tool will be continued in the INTENSE
project where the barometer will be tested and used with a new target group and a
new context. More results coming at the end of 2018!

In the picture: Christiane Stange & Helmut Helker from the Hamburg University of
Applied Sciences presenting an online Rater Training Toolkit for assessing
innovation competences.