The National Multiplier event in Utrecht at the HU

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Dissemination Event INTENSE project Netherlands –January 2019   The National Multiplier event in Utrecht at the HU in Heidelberglaan 15 was a great success. A hundred visitors attended the Entrepreneurship café. The program started with the student teams who pitched the advice to the companies on how to enter international markets. There were 5 teams [...]

Multiplier event at HU Utrecht – programme

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Programme INTENSE National Multiplier Event Utrecht 15:00  Menno de Lind van Wijngaarden Introduction to Erasmus+ project Intense / Internalisation of SME's / SME Toolkit / Student involvement, teaching innovation, skills Student teams pitch their findings and advice to entrepreneurs on how to enter international markets; Jai Tjin-A-Ton -  Tripel V, from Belgium To the Netherlands [...]

Start the new year inspired and enterprising on the 15th of January!

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Do you want to learn how a Dutch Cookie manufacturer seduces the Finnish consumer? Or how a Dutch bag brand expands in Croatia? Be surprised by hearing how 80 students from 5 countries help 50 SMEs with their internationalization questions. 5 student teams give a pitch about the advice they gave their SME. There are [...]

International Student Meeting – Utrecht 2017

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Project Intense student teams will meet and exchange their experience in pilot-run from November 27 until December 1, 2017, at Hogeschool Utrecht. During this time students will present their ongoing project and will attend different workshops organized by project partners. International Student Meeting agenda can be found here.